Bacteriology Videos

This is a huge section but I can share an 11 hrs long video for the complete topic. Mentioning each and every video for all the bacterias will be hectic for you to study as this subject is covered in more depth by medicine departments.  Rather than looking for videos, I would advise you to read a relevant textbook. The book I advise is Dr apurba sastry sir’s book. This and all the other books can be found in the section below.

Let’s now come to the topic. There two ways of studying Bacteriology. One way is to study bacteria by bacteria. And the other way is by studying it in an applied manner i.e system-wise. Below is an 11 hr long video that covers all the relevant bacterias.

If you are just interested in revising the bacteriology, I m sharing with you 2 videos by Margie Morgan that will do your job. 

Video 1

Video 2

The second way of covering Bacteriology is by doing it systemwide. This we will see in the applied section.

Here I am sharing with you an interesting blog that will help you a lot in your Microbiology.


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