Dissector is the book you take to dissection halls. The book contains all the relevant information like how to make incisions, what all structures we will encounter when start dissecting. It is required to buy 1 dissector.

1.Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy​

Cunningham’s is the most recommended dissector, the incisions, and the structures are beautifully described in the book. If you read this book, you are surely going to enjoy your dissection class.

2.Thieme Dissector Series by GP Pal
This is a relatively new book. For dissection, this book is equally good. The best thing about this book is that it is much easier to understand.

Well, most students buy dissector just to get attendance in dissection hall. If you ever try to read the Cunningham’s, you will understand the importance of the book. It’s like reading harry potter but the only difference is that the things you learn here are real.

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