Anatomy for USMLE Step 1

Compared to the college exams, anatomy is much less tested on USMLEs. Still, it’s an important subject if you want to score high and for the overall development of the clinician.
Here are some top-rated review resources for Anatomy specifically.

1. Anatomy - An Essential Textbook (Thieme Illustrated Reviews)

 If you are one of those who struggle with anatomy then this book will become your best friend. The biggest problem with anatomy books is that they are the least student-friendly books. This book is simplified as well as a very concise anatomy material that is enough to excel in the anatomy part of USMLE.

2. Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards (Netter Basic Science)

This product is a must if you are preparing for USMLEs. Each of the flashcards has detailed drawings and clear labels with extra information at the back. The best thing I love about them is that they are much easier to carry to college.

3. Crash Course: Anatomy 

This is the most underrated resource for USMLE Anatomy – It is cheaper than the above-mentioned resources but equally high yielding.

4. Lecturio

One of the best video lectures right now for Anatomy is by lecturio. Making notes along with the videos is so easy and the amount of information covered is updated every year. The best part about lecturio is their bookmatcher – You just tell the page no. on the particular edition of any standard book and the bookmatcher will tell you all the available videos relevant for that page. Another thing I love about it is its price. It is so affordable compared to the other video lectures I have seen.


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