If you have very little time for an exam and you have to revise something then Genetics should be your No. 1 priority. Here are topicwise lectures that you can watch to understand Genetics.

1. Meiosis

Although this topic is covered in the Cell Biology section, Here is a revision video if you want to revise.

2. Mendel’s Laws of inheritance

This is the fundamental topic of the whole genetics. I have shared videos from MITOCW by Prof. Eric Lander here. These are some of the best videos for genetics you can find on the web.

3. Linkage and Recombination

This is another topic in continuation with Mendel’s Laws. I have shared them from MITOCW’s Eric Landers lectures from 7.01sc.

4. Human Genetics (Pedigree)

Here is a video on Pedigree analysis by Prof. Hazel Sive.

5. Polygenic Inheritance (Optional)

If you are really enthusiastic then you can learn about complex topics of genetics by Dr. Neela Bakore. Here is a video on Polygenic inheritance.


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