How to prepare Anatomy for 1st professional exam in Medical college

How to study Anatomy for 1st professional exams in medical college

There are few things in MBBS that you will remember. One of them is your 1st professional exam. For some people it is the most difficult exam in the entire MBBS.Β 

Let’s divide the exam and rule them all.

Anatomy Theory Exams

Anatomy is asked in the exams in various ways let’s see each of them.

  1. MCQs For this you need to have a basic idea of the anatomy. It is asked from the highest yielding topics and sometimes I have seen a clinical vignette is given and a question related to that is asked. NEET PG type of questions are asked but only from high yielding topics.
  2. Enumerates – these are mostly repeated questions in which they will ask you to enumerate some branches or some layers.
  3. Diagrams – You have to draw diagrams in every answer except in enumerates and MCQs but there can be a question just asking you to diagrams. They generally ask for a Histology diagram or a Neuroanatomy section or a nerve plexus or some specific section of the body like anterior triangle or posterior triangle of the neck or some structure showing relations.
  4. Short answers – 2 things are asked in the form of short answers – some anatomical concepts or clinical concepts. There is a way to answer this question – always makes headings like an introduction, embryology, diagram, gross anatomy, clinical correlation. You can add or subtract the headings but make sure it is neatly written and it is clear from your answer that you know what you are writing.
  5. Clinical Question – These are the recently introduced type. A clinical vignette is given and related anatomy questions will be asked. Because actual clinical subjects are not covered in the first year so in most questions the diagnosis is already given in the vignette or the questions.
  6. Long Answers – These questions are mostly from the previous years and they are the most sorted questions of your MBBS Prof as you have many sub-parts here which can be answered easily without the confusion of what to write and what not to write.

Here is a book you can follow to prepare for prof exams – all the important questions are given in here.

Anatomy Practical Exams

In the practical exam, there are few ways through which your assessment will be done.

  1. Spotters – You will be given a few spots in which a structure is marked and you have to identify the structure and answer questions related to it. You can do well in the Spot exam if you did dissections in your college.
  2. Histology exam – You will be given two slides and you have to identify the structure, draw the diagrams and write 2-4 salient features. Then you will have to give a viva related to the diagrams you draw.
  3. Gross Anatomy Viva – In this assessment, there will be various stations and you will have to give a viva at all the stations. The stations include –Β 
  4. a. Hard parts – You will be asked to pick up a bone (in anatomical position) and you will have to tell the structures of the bone, muscle attachments, and important relations.
    b. Soft parts – You will be asked to choose a region and you will be asked about the structures – muscle, nerves, and blood vessels. You will have to tell the functions of the structures – like movements for muscles and you will be asked about clinical correlation related to the region.
    c. Tray Viva – You will be given a tray (By chit system probably) and you will have to describe the organ given in the tray, and they will ask about the clinical correlation.
    d. Surface anatomy – You have to mark the structure (on the card you pick) on the cadaver.
    e. Radiology – You will be shown some X-ray films and you have to mark the structure and tell about its clinical significance.
    f. Embryology models – You will be shown a model of fetal development and you will have to explain the model. They will ask a question about the diseases related to the development of the organ shown.

For the professional exam, study anatomy according to the exam and questions,
For practical exam there is a book I used and it contained all the high yield material for the exams(especially practical)

Here is my video on my prof journey.

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  1. Straightforward and easy to understand. Division of exam is exactly done in this way and each division has its own way of studying. Will definitely help 1st year students. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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