How to prevent mental issues

How to prevent Mental Issues in busy life

In the last decade, with the advancement of technology and opportunities, one more thing we have seen rising is mental disorders.

Mental Disorder Silhouette
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It doesn’t become a mental disorder with one day of stress in the office, like an hour of some minor cold exposure do not give you hypothermia.

But these small things when exposed chronically can become problems like depression and anxiety in the future.

How to prevent mental disorders?

I remember when I was around 6 years old I wake up with a stomach ache one day. I went to my mother and told her about it thinking that she will pamper me and take me to the doctor. I forgot that I belong to a middle-class Indian Punjabi family. She told me it is because of the noodles I ate last night.

Then I started vomiting and noodles and raw veggies came out with vomitus. Now I was getting scolded for eating those noodles. Later she took me to the doctor. 

So what did we learn from this story? 

If our food is right, our body will be healthy and vice versa. 

What is food for our minds?

Our thoughts.

So to prevent mental disorders we need a healthy mind and for a healthy mind, we need to think healthy or positive.

But how to think positively?

If there is stress in life or some other circumstance that makes it really hard to think positively then what to do?

Let’s again take the example of the human body first. I once tried a popular way of weight loss – Intermittent fasting (which really worked for me).

That was like detoxification for the body. It’s a little hard in the beginning but after some time you develop an aversion to the food that makes you fat.

Same way if you have a dirty room and you clean it like Monica Geller( Or like your Mom If you don’t know who Monica Geller is) then after it you will not feel like littering anything in the room ever again.

How do you do this detoxification or cleansing for your mind?

What we can do is take 10 minutes out of our daily schedule (better to take it 2-3 times in a day but we can start once a day in the beginning) and do meditate at this time. 

And once we start feeling peaceful, we will develop an aversion to negative thoughts. 

Here comes the biggest question!

 How to do meditation?

Cartoon Man Finding Inner Peace
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When we sit for those 10 minutes we get calm and take a break from the stressful life and stop thinking about every pending work or any argument that added to our stress.

And that we do via meditating by becoming soul conscious and realizing our original qualities. 

This helps us realize that life is much more than this stress. 

And we will start feeling energized and go back to our daily routine.

In the beginning, we always need a little help.

So I would advise you to start with a guided  meditation. It will make things easy for you in the beginning. Let me give you one from BK Shivani.

Here’s one more advice.

Whenever you are feeling low and you search for positive thinking articles or videos. Just ask yourself a question.

Did I follow the advice I got last time?

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  1. Too good. I hope those who read will start practicing meditation . Healthy way of living lies within not outside . We always tried to be physically healthy by spending lots of money . But never knew that physical health and our mental health are interconnected . Work on mental health .Meditate and feel the change .

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