Neurology lectures that every medico should watch

Neurology is a very informative subject. There is a lot of material that you have to learn before you can practice it in real life. Below are some lectures that every Medical student should watch. This will open your brain and will make you appreciate neurological diseases much more.

1. Epilepsy: The Sacred Disease

This lecture by Dr. Daniel Lowenstein is a big candy for your eyes and ears. Even a non-medico will get insight into what happens in Epilepsy after watching this.

2. Headache: Diagnosis & Management

This lecture by E.T. Shivapour, MD is a great lecture for all the students as well as physicians. The professor here also talks about his experience with patients. This will not only help you understand the concept but to deal with patients.

3. Learn from Legends – Approach to Peripheral Neuropathy

This lecture from a real neurology legend Dr. S R Chandra ma’am will give you a great insight into what happens in any LMN related lesion. The best part about ma’am is that she will make sure all your basics become crystal clear. 


4. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

This lecture is from MGMC Physician Grand Rounds 2019 by Selden Spencer. He is sharing his thoughts on a physician’s approach to dementia and Alzheimer’s patients and how he handles those cases. You will also learn about the new advancements and the current trials going on.

5. Approach to Acute Myelopathy

This is an amazing lecture of John Hopkin’s transverse myelitis center. The lecture mainly focuses on transverse myelitis.

6. Parkinson’s Disease

This lecture on Parkinson’s disease by Michael Kitchell, MD is one of the easiest to understand as well as an informative lecture on PD I could find. The treatment part is very well explained in this lecture.

7. Multiple Sclerosis 

This lecture on Multiple Sclerosis by E. Torage Shivapour, MD, Neurology

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