Morphology of Plants

This is a diverse topic. In some countries like India, it is taught in much more detail than in other countries like USA and UK. Here the videos are limited to what is required in US or UK.

1. Root Morphology

For root Morphology, I am sharing 2 videos. The first one is a great explanation but it does not cover the part of regions of roots. So for that I am sharing another video that contains all the relevent material. I recommend to watch both videos.

2. Stem and it's modification

Plant Stem is a small topic. I am sharing a single video for stem. I hope after watching this your concepts will be clear.

3. Leaf morphology

There is a lot of material that can be covered in Leaf morphology. Here I am sharing one video that covers Leaf as well as flowers. I recommed you to watch the leaf portion of the video.

4. Inflorescence

It is a small topic that comes along with the plant morphology. Here is a short video that covers the relevant material.

5. Flower morphology

Flower is a big topic and there is a lot that can be studied in this. I am sharing 3 videos. One is for the basic structure next video for placentation and the last one for aestivation.

6. Fruit Morphology

I am sharing a single short video for Fruit morphology. More on this in plant reproduction.

7. Seed structure

Seed structure is the most high yielding topic of this unit. I am sharing a single video that wil help you understand the topic thoroughly.

8. Flowering plant families

This section is covered in some places so before going through it, make sure you have this in your syllabus. Also make sure you remember the floral formula. Here are two videos -

Special section for NEET students

NEET entrance require a lot more than what is covered in the videos above. So here is a playlist that contain all the relevant videos. Do go through it.

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