Renal Physiology

This is a relatively short unit in the physiology section. It should not consume more than one week of your time. 

1. The Body Fluid Compartments:
Extracellular and Intracellular Fluids; Edema

This is just for revision. I am sure you have covered this topic in general physiology but if not, here is a video by Medicos Perfectionalis that will help you.

2. The Urinary System: Functional Anatomy

This topic is the basis for this whole unit and this will also be your base for pathology and pharmacology. Here is a video from Khan Academy that you can use to make your concepts clear.

3. Micturition

This is the main peeing part of the Urinary system. Here is a video from Armando Hasudugan that will help you.


4. Glomerular Filtration

From here the fun begins. Don’t take any of the following lectures for granted it is not as easy as one may expect.

5. Renal Tubular Reabsorption and Secretion

This happens in the PCT, DCT, and collecting duct so I am sharing 4 videos from Ninja Nerd Lectures. The first three are PCT, DCT, and Collecting duct respectively and the last one is an overview video.


6. Urine Concentration and Dilution

This is important as well as the most complicated part of the Renal system series. I am sharing 2 videos here. The first one is by Dr. Najeeb and the second one is a short video by Ninja Nerd. I would recommend watching Dr. Najeeb’s video but if you don’t have enough time then you can also see Ninja Nerd’s.

7. Regulation of kidney functions

Here I am sharing 2 videos from Ninja Nerd Sciences. Both have to be watched. This topic will come to visit you again and again. Even in the clinical subjects you will be asked this a lot so be very clear with it.




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