The Best Free Online Educational Resources - From Youtube Channels to Interactive Lessons

Introduction: What is the Definition of Educational Resources?

Many educational materials are available online for free. These online teaching materials are called “eduscapes” and they are usually made up of documents, videos, courseware and other resources. They come in the form of open educational resources (OER) which means that they have no restrictions on who can use them or reuse them.

Educational resources can be anything from textbooks to assessments to lesson plans that teachers use in their classrooms every day.

What are the Most Popular Types of Free Online Educational Resources?

Free online educational resources are an important part of the modern education system and are used by students, educators, and parents.

There are a number of different types of free online educational resources that can be found on the internet. These include:

– YouTube channels, which can provide tutorials on a given subject

– MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which offer free lectures

– Websites like Khan Academy or MIT Open Courseware

– Stack Exchange Q&A forums where people can answer questions about a given topic

– Wikis like Wikipedia where people can contribute to articles about different topics

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