Anesthesia videos that will help you in clinics

Anesthesia and critical care are some of the most serious branches of medicine that are taken for granted at the undergraduate level. They see almost all types of major surgeries. Critical care people see the most serious cases and in palliative care, you will be earning blessings along with money.

Here are some lectures and videos that you can watch to supplement your clinical learnings.

1. Pre-Anesthetic Assessment

Here is a video on pre-anesthetic checkups. All patients undergo this before surgery.

2. Anesthesia theory

There are many things in anesthesia. Here is a playlist from Medicosis Perfectionalis that will cover all the important stuff you need to do in Anesthesia.

3. Boyle’s Anesthesia Machine

Here is a video on Our Historical Boyle’s Anesthesia Machine. Now we have advance machines but to understand their working, You need to be clear with the Boyle’s Machine working.

4. Critical Care

This is a huge topic. I can’t share all the videos from this topic here. There are many subtopics in this heading. 

Here is a youtube channel – ICU Advantage that you will find helpful.

Here is a playlist on Advanced Cardiac life support from their channel.

5. Palliative Care

Here is a playlist from UAMS that you will find helpful if you want to learn more about Palliative care. 

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