Neonatology Videos For Medical Students

A newborn is considered a neonate till 4 weeks after birth. Here are some videos that you can watch to understand Neonatology with more clarity.

1. Newborn Examination

Here is a video on Neonatal examination that will cover all the relevant points that can be asked in the exams from this topic.

2. New Ballard Scoring System

Here is a video on how to take Ballard score in newborns.

3. Care of normal baby at birth

The care of a normal baby at birth is very important. This video will explain everything that you need to know about the routine care of a normal baby.

4. Temperature Regulation & Hypothermia in Newborn

Hypothermia in newborns is very important and every clinician must know about it. Here is a video explaining the mechanism of and management of Hypothermia.

4. Feeding of Low Birthweight Newborns

The feeding of LBW babies is different than the normal born. This video will explain the methods and everything else you need to know about it.

5. Neonatal Resuscitation

Here is a wonderful demonstration by Dr. Chandrakala on Newborn Resuscitation. This is done on a dummy and you can understand the procedure here. It is advised to visit the labor room after this and see the equipment there.

6. Neonatal Sepsis

Neonatal sepsis is one of the most common causes of neonatal deaths. Here is a video that covers the relevant information about it.

7. Birth asphyxia and HIE management

Birth asphyxia can lead to severe problems that will last for life. Here is a wonderful lecture by Dr. Stefan Johansson on this topic which will clear all your concepts of Birth asphyxia and its management.

8. Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

NRDS is very important and you can see cases of this in the NICU of your hospital. Here is a wonderful tutorial that will cover all the relevant stuff you are required to know about NRDS.

9. Neonatal Jaundice

The owner of Bookeshi had neonatal jaundice. He may have lost his mind but other neonates should not suffer from the same. Here is a video from OPENpediatrics on Neonatal jaundice. I hope you will learn the care and guidelines properly after this.

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