How to do Research that will publish in top journals.

Doing research looks good on your CV. But the more important thing with doing research is that you get an opportunity to explore science in ways no one has ever done. It will give you the confidence and build in your personality a charm that you have done something in your life and you have an area where your expertise lies.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some videos, lectures, and other stuff that you can use to learn how to conduct research like a pro.

1. Selection of Research topic and the Objectives

In this, I would advise you to choose that topic in which your basics are clear and there are many problems which can be solved in doing research in this niche. To get some more clarity, I am sharing a video by the Grad coach that you can watch to get a clear picture of how to select a research topic.

2. Describe Methodology

After you get your topic, you need to have a methodology. For that, you need to decide what study design it is, who are your subjects, What’s your sample size, and most importantly, how are you going to do collect the data. Below I have shared videos on all the mentioned topics.

a. Types of study designs

Here is a video by Prof. Mike Marin on different types of study designs.

b. Sample size calculation

Here is a video on sample size calculation. You can either do it yourself or hire a biostatistician for this.

c. Exclusion and inclusion criteria in research

Finding subjects is not easy and a number of researches will not get approved just because of this step. This step will be scrutinized a lot during ethical clearance.

d. Data collection Tools

This is the fieldwork in research. It depends on what type of research it is – Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed. Here is a video by Grad Coach that will help you understand the tools.

e. Questionnare Design

Many kinds of research done at the beginner level involve questionnaires. Here are 3 videos by Graham R Gibbs that will help you understand in making a questionnaire.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

3. Ethical approval

After you have completed your abstract, You need to get ethical approval from your university or organization. Here I am sharing videos on How to write a good abstract and how to take care of ethics.

How to write the abstract?

Research Ethics

4. Data Analysis

This part is generally done by a biostatistician. Here are 2 playlists that you can watch to learn about biostatistics.

Playlist 1

Playlist 2