Anatomy Practice questions resources for medical students

Watching lectures, making notes, and reading books are not enough to score well in exams like USMLE, UKMLA, NEXT, and other exams. Practicing questions and clinical vignettes have become a crucial part of preparation. Here are some resources that you can use for Anatomy practice questions.

1. Medical Gross Anatomy

This website contains many gross anatomy MCQs for medical students. There are 2 types of questions Written and practical – Written questions are basic MCQs. I would advise you to try solving the practical ones. Another thing is that it contains the questions system-wise and not region-wise but you can easily relate it with the textbook pattern without difficulty.

2. University of Michigan Medical School

This blog is amazing. Region-wise MCQs are given. You can select any topic and a PDF of questions related to it will come up. The questions are really amazing. You will find many vignettes and thinkers in the lot.

3. Anatomy guy

Anatomy Guy contains a collection of various anatomy quiz questions and you can customize the quiz on the basis of the topics you choose. 

4. Gray’s Anatomy Review

Gray’s Anatomy is considered to be the gold standard for Anatomy. Its MCQ book is also amazing. Many vignette-based anatomy questions are there which will cover most of your applied anatomy.

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