Top 5 Free Biology resources for NEET students


Here we have shared the best 5 free Biology resources that students have used for the NEET UG exams. If you want to check our topicwise Biology video section then click here.

1. Neela Bakore Tutorials

When I was preparing for my entrance exams, at that time this channel was started. Whiteboard lectures from Dr. Neela Bakore are great for understanding the concepts. You can make this your only source if you are preparing for Indian medical entrance. On her website, she has added few test papers also to help students. And the best part is that all of this material is for free. The Hyperlink will take you to her website. Here is the link for his youtube channel.

2. Biomentors Classes Online

Biomentors Classes are a good place to study Biology. Detailed lectures to all the topics are uploaded on the channel. The lectures are interactive so you will enjoy learning from them. Biology is covered by Dr. Geetendra. The free version will cover only the previous year’s content. 

3. GELI Question Papers

Geli Question papers is one of the best free MCQ tools for Pre-medical students preparing for the NEET exam. Topicwise multiple tests are given. After watching videos of a chapter and reading the same from your textbook, you can solve the tests. Or you can save them from the last 4-5 months and do it then for revision.

4. GNEET Study Companion for Neet

GNEET contains notes and MCQs chapter-wise. For all the chapters, a huge number of MCQs are there. If you do all of them, the textbook may get imprinted in your mind. This site contains the maximum number of questions when compared to any other free platform. 

5. ExamBazaar

ExamBazaar contains previous years’ test papers in CBT format. You can solve them at home and see how well you are doing.

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