Autocoids are  hormone like drugs. Most of them are related to inflammations. Here are some videos for the individual topics-

1. Histamines and Anti-histamines

2. Serotonin & Migraine

As we are talking about migraine here, so lets learn from a clinical lecture. This is an amazing lecture. Even though it has a lot more than what is needed for pharmacology, still it’s a great investment of time.

3. Eicosanoids (PGEs, LTs etc.)

This 1.5 hr lecture is going to be amazing! I have watched this guy’s lectures during my preclinical times too and he is surely one of the best teacher for such topics.

You can also watch a short video for the whole topic.


Long time we watched a professor fink’s lecture. So here’s one on NSAIDs

As aspirin is one of the most common drug in the market, let us watch more on aspirin.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a huge topic so lets just see a basic video on the topic and then straight to pharmacology.

Here is one video for the pharmacology of rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Gout

The pharmacology part of these topics is limited. The management is much more elaborated in Medicine. Here is an excellent video about Gout drugs. 

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