Best Blogs and Youtube Channels for Surgery

Online resources for learning about surgery are abundant. You can find a lot of free resources on youtube and blogs. There are also some websites that offer courses on surgery.

The era of youtube is here and it’s here to stay. Youtube is a great resource for surgeons who want to learn new skills, or need to brush up on old skills, without having to travel outside the home or office.

Blogs are another great resource for surgeons who want to learn more about the latest research in their field, or those who just want an opportunity to share their own knowledge with others in the surgical community.

Youtube Channels

1. Surgical Educator

There are a lot of videos on Youtube that teach medical students about surgery. These videos are like lectures in a college setting, and they provide critical information that is necessary for medical students to learn.

This is where Surgical Educator comes in. The Youtube channel provides content for medical students that is broken down into small, digestible segments that are easier to watch and understand.

2. Learning General Surgery

This Youtube channel is an excellent resource for surgical residents who want to improve their knowledge in general surgery. It also provides an alternative way of learning by watching videos rather than reading textbooks or attending lectures at college.

3. Surgical Teaching

The videos on the Youtube channel are not just for entertainment, they are also educational. They provide a great way to learn about surgery and important topics in the medical field.

The videos on this channel are updated regularly and cover a variety of topics from introductory surgery to specialized procedures. It is a great place to learn more about surgery as well as important topics in the medical field.


This channel is created by a group of surgical residents to provide surgery education for only surgical residents. It provides videos and discussions on advanced topics related to general surgery.

In this channel, you will find high quality educational videos as well as discussion on important cases in the field of general surgery. This is a great resource for those who want to learn more about this specialty and find out what it takes to become a surgeon.

5. UW Surgery

This Youtube channel is dedicated to surgical residents who want to expand their knowledge of surgery. It provides high-quality videos with detailed descriptions. The videos are categorized by topic and they are updated on a regular basis.

The UW Surgery channel is one of the best channels for surgical education on Youtube. It provides videos that cover all aspects of surgery, including the most difficult cases, like thoracic surgery or laparoscopic surgery.



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