Best Books for NEET preparation



NCERT will make your foundation. It will give you what is important and what is not. Learn them, Line, to Line. The majority of the questions are going to be from NCERT only.

2. NCERT Exemplar

NCERT Exemplars are review books of NCERT. They contain various questions which are based on the things you cover in the NCERTs. Your concepts will be much better if you have solved these books and they will help you a lot in your entrance preparation. Below I have shared the MTG Solutions for exemplar. In these, you will get much more than just the exemplar questions.

3. NCERT fingerprints

NCERT Fingerprints is another set of review books of NCERT. They contain various multiple-choice questions based on the topics in NCERT. I and many of my colleagues in medical colleges have used these books during their preparation. After NCERT this is the second-best book I used during my preparation.

4. Oswaal NEET Handbook and solved papers

Oswaal is one of the best publishers in the market for entrance as well as boards exams. I used these books when I used to study for boards. I suggested these to my juniors and they also passed with flying colors and some got selected in top medical colleges too.


NCERT workbooks are new books for Biology for NEET. This is the perfect combination of your NCERT theory book and MCQ. You can buy separate for class 11th and 12th.

6. Disha - NTA Neet 101 Speed Tests

Disha is another publisher of educational content. This is its 101-speed test book. It contains 96 Chapter-Wise + 3 Subject-Wise + 2 Full test for NEET preparation. This is an amazing book for practice.

7. Objective Physics for NEET by DC Pandey

Physics has been a problematic subject for NEET students since the start of time. Objective Physics by DC Pandey helped me a lot during NEET prep. The questions given are of all levels and cover all the potential things that NEET can ask.

8. Cengage DPPs

Cengage DPPs are amazing daily test papers for NEET students that will keep them on their toes. All the questions are high-yielding for exams. 

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