Best Physiology Free online resources for medical students

If you are looking for some free resources to help you study then this is the right place for you. Here are some free resources you can use to study Physiology in your college.

If you want to add more channels, just comment, and I will add more.

Youtube Channels

1. Ninja Nerd Lectures

This is one of the fastest-growing channels in the medical fraternity and the best part about this lecture series is the whiteboard. This channel is known as an updated and faster version of Dr. Najeeb. The channel keeps on updating. This channel should be subscribed to by every medical student who is studying in the 2nd or 3rd year.

2. Dr. John Campbell 

This channel was originally made for nursing students than medical students but the content is so nicely explained with the help of so good illustrations that everyone reaches these videos for better explanations. 

3. Medicosis Perfectionalis

This channel is like a whole package. There are clinical correlations in every video so that helps a lot. Sometimes I feel this should be one of those paid services it is hard to believe such great videos are available for free.

4. Dr. Najeeb Lectures

I know I have written in the heading that the resources are free but Dr. Najeeb is not one of the free resources but the youtube channel has many free videos that you can watch. All the relevant videos from this channel are shared in my video section.

5. Dr. Matt & Dr. Mike

This is a bit low-yield channel some topics are really great!! I have shared those videos in my video section.

6. Professorfink

We all follow professor fink. He has his own website where he covers this all. I guess among all the subjects he teaches, physiology is best. His website is full of various other resources so don’t forget to bookmark it.

7. Drbeen Medical Lectures

This channel is known as the other Najeeb. The lectures are amazing. Most of the lectures revolve around CTVS physiology and some renal physiology. So this channel is good for them.

8. MUHS Learning

This channel also has various playlists. My advice would be to follow the CVS part of this if you want to study from the Indian faculty. The channel is more famous for other subjects like ENT and Radiology so you do the clinical subjects from here.

9. Lectures in Respiratory Physiology, John B West MD, PhD

This is a lecture series just for respiratory physiology by John B West MD. This series was made by UCSanDiago. If you want a deeper understanding of respiratory physiology then this series is for you.

10. khanacademymedicine 

This channel must not be missed. If you are not able to find the right videos then the last resort of everyone is Khan academy. Everything is nicely explained. Physiology is amazing.

11. Human Physiology – Bio 224

This channel I discovered recently. It is the most underrated channel for physiology. I know the name is Bio 244 so it looks like this is a biology course. But actually, it is a physiology course. If you want those long tuition like courses then this can be a good course for you.

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