Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Before starting this section, make sure you are clear with the concepts of cardiovascular physiology, Fat Biochemistry and Autonomic system pharmacology.

1. Anti-arrythmic drugs

It is a little tricky topic.. make sure u cover all the classes.

2. Anti-hypertensive drugs

I am sharing two videos on this topic. 1st one is a college lecture. This one is recommended. If you have less time and just want to do a quick revision then there is the second video by Armando Hasudungan.

Video 1 Video 2

3. Anti-anginal drugs

I am sharing two videos for this topic. 1st one is the recommended one. Second watch if you need some extra help.

Video 1 Video 2

4. Drugs for Heart Failure

This is the most interesting section of this unit. I am sharing two videos for this. The first one is on Digoxin and the second one is a comprehensive video of this topic. Watch both the videos.

Video 1 Video 2

5. Drugs for Hyperlipidemia

For this unit I am sharing two videos. The first one is a short video that will cover all the relevant topics for your course. The second lecture is from MIT by Prof. Eric lander. It is more of a biology lecture but worth watching.

Video 1 Video 2

Special lecture

Here is a special lecture that summarizes all the material covered above.

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