Cardiovasular System

Very important section. The stuff you will learn here will be used a lot in medicine and other clinical subjects.

1. Cardiac Output

In this section you need to be clear with the definitions of these terms related to Cardiac Output – stroke volume, heart rate, preload and afterload. I am sharing two videos- one by Armando Hasudungan. You will find it really helpful. The second one is a bit lengthy video but it covers a lot of relevant material. I would recommend to watch the second one.

Video 1 Video 2


Here I am sharing two videos. Both covers approximately the same material. Difference is that the first video is lengthier than the second one. Watch either one. I would recommend to go for the second one.

Video 1 Video 2

3. Regulation of Heart Rate

This is a short topic. You may not be able to appreciate it immediately. I am sharing a single video for the sake of completion. You will understand more of this when you will read about regulation of Blood pressure.

4. Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This is the most high yielding topic of this section. This is actually the most searched topic too. I am sharing with you the best video available for this on Youtube. Here is Dr Najeeb’s 3 hour lecture on ECG. There are more videos on this but nothing is better than this video till now.

5. ECG Abnormalities

Make sure you are clear with the basic concepts of ECG discussed in the above section. Here I am sharing a wonderful video by Ninja Nerd on ECG Abnormalities.

6. Circulation; Biophysics of Pressure, Flow, and Resistance (Hemodynamics)

This topic will bring back your school memories of physics. Here is one video on this topic.

7. Blood Pressure Regulation

In this section, I am sharing three videos on Blood pressure regulation. First is on Hypotension and the second one is on Hypertension. If you still have doubts or things are unclear then there is a short video on the same topic that describes the only the basic concept.

Video 1 (Hypotension) Video 2 (Hypertension) Video 3

8. The Microcirculation and Lymphatic System

It is an important topic. This one video by Ninja Nerd explains everything.

9. Cutaneous Circulation

This is a subtopic of circulation. It describes Blood supply to skin. This is very important section for the your oral exam.

10. Coronary Circulation

This topic you will understand more in Anatomy of thorax. I am sharing Vivek sir’s video for the physiology related stuff. The rest of the things will be covered in the Anatomy.


Here is are 2 videos for review of the whole section. These are very high yielding lectures from Yale. 

Video 1 Video 2

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