Community Medicine Books

1. Parks Text Book Of Preventive & Social Medicine

It is the most basic for Community medicine that most medical students use. It has been the first choice of medical students for many years. Everything required to know about the subject is covered in the book.

2. IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine

It is the second most popular book for PSM in India. I would advise you to choose this book only if your professors are using it to make their lectures. That will make your life more sorted. Otherwise, stick to Park.

3.Community Medicine Solved Question Papers

This is a popular book used by students during exam days. I would advise you to use it if you are one of those who just want to pass the exams.

4. Review of Preventive and Social Medicine - Dr. Vivek Jain

This book is gaining popularity these days. It is actually going to replace Park soon and even though it’s a review book, it will be used as the textbook. This book is a good investment in your 3rd year.

Biostatistics Books

1. Biostatistics: Basic Concepts and Methodology for the Health Sciences

Biostatistics is really important for PSM as well as for research purposes. This one covers all the relevant material that should be studied by every medical student. 

2. Gordis Epidemiology

If you find the above book difficult then this one is an easier to understand and more comprehensive book. If you did not study Biostatistics, you will regret it for the rest of your life. So do not take this subject lightly.

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