So here is the second ‘P’ that makes the base of your medicine. In this, you are going to study a lot about various diseases and conditions. One thing is sure that this the most interesting subject of your entire first 2 years of the medical degree.

Libraries are flooded with pathology books. Each system has its pathology book. At the undergraduate level, it is advised to follow one book of pathology that would introduce you to the basic pathology as well as all the systems and one book for hematology. Here are the books that are used by the majority of students.


1.Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease

This is the gold standard book of pathology. It is one of the most beautifully written books in the entire MBBS curriculum. Diagrams and explanations are given in the best possible way. If you are convinced to buy this book then you don’t even need to scroll down. This is the only book you need for pathology in 2nd year.

2.Robbins Basic Pathology

This is again robbins by the same authors but it is a short version of the big robbins. Many students prefer this version. It contains enough material for your professional exams and even competitive ones. Some college professors suggest using this book to make pathology easy and reduce the material to learn. 

3. Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology

It is the MCQ book for Robbins pathology. All the MCQs in the book are amazing. This is one of those books that I recommend personally. The MCQs cover almost all the topics of robbins and the explanations given for each MCQs adds some more high yield points to your notes. This is one of the best investments you can do in your 2nd year.

4.Fundamentals Of Pathology Medical Course And Step 1 - Pathoma

Here come’s our favorite book. This the most concise book ever written for pathology. If you supplement Robbins with pathoma. That’s the perfect combination. The pathoma notes are amazing and cover only the high yield material. You don’t need to ask anyone what’s important and what’s not. If it’s in pathoma, it is important.

5. Rapid Review Pathology - Goljan

These are the best notes in the market for pathology. The thing that makes Goljan different from others is the way how the complex pathogenesis is explained. One thing that goljan has and pathoma don’t is the simplified version of the complex pathogenesis. Many students use this book as a textbook but I would recommend using this as a reference book.


1.Textbook of Pathology - Dr. Harsh Mohan

Here is the Indian book for pathology. This book is much more exam friendly. All the information given is very precise and pointwise. If it gets hard for you to follow the international authors then this book will be your savior.


This is a lifesaver for Indian medical students during exams. Commonly called PP is found in the bags of most medical students. The material high yield for exams is given in the question-answer form. If you have not studied efficiently for the whole year, this book is a must-buy for you.

3. Review of Pathology and Genetics

Indian MCQ book – It is good for professional exams as well as PG entrance. The notes given in the book are also helpful in revising the huge amount of material in pathology.


Here are some amazing handy notes. These are good for professionals as well as PG entrances. The notes are handy and the amount of information covered in the notes is really good. These cannot replace your textbook. I would advise you to buy this book along with your main textbook.


In the second year, I would advise you to buy a different book for hematology. The general pathology books are good but the material you require for hematology is somewhat limited in them. So here are the most famous hematology books that you can use –

1. Textbook of Haematology - Tejindar Singh

This is the most commonly used Indian author book for hematology. The material given is easy to understand. The good part about the book is that it makes writing in exams very easy. The diagrams are also good in the book. Everything is given pointwise so it is very easy to revise from here during exams.

Buy at Amazon - Textbook of Haematology

2. The Bethesda Handbook  of Clinical Hematology

This is an international book for hematology. Although for Hematology we stick to the Indian authors but still, if someone wants a deeper understanding of the subject, they can buy this book. The explanations given in the book are easy to understand. It is a good book if you are interested in quizzing.

Most people choose to follow 1 book for complete pathology but some students use a separate book in Hematology. Pathology makes your base for Medicine so you must choose the book which helps you understand the concepts.

This question is generally asked like Harsh Mohan Vs Robbins. Although Robbins is the Gold standard for Pathology and is used worldwide, it is not a very easy book to understand. If you find it difficult to understand from Robbins then go for Harsh Mohan without any doubt. It is much easier to understand. Clinical Vignettes are given better in Robbins so don’t forget to get a soft copy of it.

Most Pathology books contain enough material to cover Hematology but you can use a separate book for Hematology if you find it difficult to understand from the main book. It is because of the hematology practicals that you need to study. Still, it is not a necessity but it can make your life more sorted.

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