Best Pharmacology Books

So here is our last P. This subject covers all the relevant classes of drugs that you are going to use in your clinical years. Studying pharmacology thoroughly in 2nd year is very important as it is going to make your base in for the treatment side of the clinical subjects.

1. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology KATZUNG

The gold standard for pharmacology. The conceptual clarity in this book is unmatched. If you want to ace your college exams as well as national and international quizzes, this book is enough. I would advise you to buy some pharma notes or make your own along with katzung as it is quite difficult to revise from it during exams.

2. Katzung & Trevor's Pharmacology Examination & Board Review

The only problem with the big Katzung is that it is bulky. A lot of information is given in the book which is not required at the undergraduate level. To make your life easy, you can follow the board review version of katzung. In your second year, I would recommend using the board review version over the original because this also contains MCQs which anyways you have to practice.

3. Essentials of Medical Pharmacology - Dr KD Tripathi

This is the Indian alternative for Pharmacology books. This book is widely followed in college lectures and University questions. It does the proper job of acting as a Bible for finding answers and making slides. The chapters are arranged in an ordered manner. Classification of drugs is strictly followed, hence becomes excellent for looking up definitions, properties of drugs, the ADR, and guidelines of a drug management protocol for few diseases. Many students solely refer to this book and read it thoroughly.

4. Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology

Lippincott is the best book for undergraduate medical students according to me. All the relevant information is given in a flowchart manner. All the topics of pharmacology are covered in the book. The best part about all the Lippincott books is that they are written in a very student-friendly manner. You can find any information about any drug in the book easily. Navigation through the book is important for pharmacology and this one is best at that.

5. Review Of Pharmacology - Dr. Govind Rai Garg

This is one of my favorite books for pharmacology. All the information is given in a pointwise manner so it is easy to answer questions in exams. The book contains many MCQs including all the questions that came in the previous year entrance exams so it is one of the best books for PG entrance preparation.

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6. Pharmacology for Medical Graduates, 4th Updated Edition

Another short book for pharmacology. It is very popular among students. This is mainly used for professional exams so if time is less and you want to only pass the exams then no book is better than Shanbhag. It has been the savior of 2nd-year medical students for the past few years.

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