Books for Medicine

1. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine

This is the book I personally use for medicine. It contains the perfect recipe to prepare a doctor. Information is limited but you will see that all the relevant information is covered. I would advise you to read Robbins along with this.

2. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Harrison’s is one of the most respected books in the whole medical fraternity. Everything is covered in detail. Along with the medical concepts, basic sciences are also covered. If you are studying for exams then selective reading is advised. 

3. Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine

This book is in the middle of Harrison and Davidson. The book contains material compared to Harrison but it is given in a simple format like that of Davidson. It is used by a lot of students in tha UK. 

4. Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine

When studying medicine, It is important to study clinical vignettes along with it. Kumar & Clark’s cases is a wonderful supplement that will help you extra when you prepare for MCQ exams link NEXT, USMLE, or any other exam you are preparing for.

5. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Self-Assessment and Board Review

Vignettes in this book are better than most competitive exam books available in the market. They are not easy, you will need to study medicine much more thoroughly to ace these questions.

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