General Anatomy

This is your 1st book of Anatomy. The purpose of reading this book is to get familiar with the basic terminology. Here are the most popular books on general anatomy.


This is the most popular General Anatomy book. It is short, concise, and very easy to understand. It is generally completed in 1st 2 weeks of your MBBS career.

2. General Anatomy with Systemic Anatomy, Radiological Anatomy, Medical Genetics
This is the second most popular book, it is more expensive than the 1st one but the good thing about this book is that it contains the Radiological Anatomy and genetics part which is asked in your practicals and very important for your clinical subjects.

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  1. The most student and exam friendly book for anatomy. Concisely written information and easy diagrams. Especially useful for professional exams and many useful points for entrances also. 💯💯

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