Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy contains the most chunk of anatomy. It is recommended to buy 2 books for Gross anatomy – 1 Indian Author and 1 International author.

Indian Authors (Choose the one which your professors and seniors tell as both are equally good)

1. Vishram Singh’s Anatomy –

This is the most recommended Indian Author book for Gross Anatomy. It contains a pointwise description and easy to draw diagrams. Best for examinations.

 2. BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy –                                                            

This is the second most popular book on gross anatomy. It is a perfect book to crack college exams and profs and it is very concise and easy to read.

3. Clinical and Surgical Anatomy – Dr Vishram Singh

This is another book by Dr. Vishram Singh. This one is a much more clinically oriented book and it is only recommended if you are into quizzing or preparing for USMLEs.

Foreign authors (Choose the one which is most comfortable to read)

1. Gray’s Anatomy

This is the Gold Standard book for Anatomy. Anatomy is a subject that can only be learned by visualization. The beautiful and accurate diagrams of Gray’s Anatomy for Students serve the purpose well.
There has been confusion for ages about Gray’s anatomy that which one to buy – Student’s edition or the International one. I will recommend the International one if you are using it as a reference. International one is not to be used as a textbook in undergraduate years. Sure it is expensive but it’s worth it.

2. Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions

After Gray’s the most well-written book for anatomy is Snell’s anatomy. This contains all the relevant information required by an Undergraduate anatomy student. The best parts of this book are diagrams and clinical boxes. Among all the other books Snell’s provide the best easy to draw diagrams. It is so good that most students use it as a textbook rather than a reference.

3. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy

Here is the boss of Diagrams. The handmade diagrams are so precise and wonderful and help in understanding and visualizing anatomy much better. One must have this book before going to dissection hall and compare the complex anatomy with simpler diagrams of the book.

4. Essential Clinical Anatomy – Keith l Moore

This is used as a standard textbook in many big universities. In Indian MBBS, It’s a great resource to supplement clinical knowledge after covering the basic theory. Although, It is best if read selectively only.

We generally follow two books for gross anatomy, One Indian author and one international author. As international books are expensive, it is advised to buy the hard copy of the Indian author and soft copy for the international author.

There are two popular Indian Authors for Gross Anatomy. Dr. BD Chaurasia and Dr. Vishram Singh. Both books are well written and easy to understand. I would advise buying the book your teachers are using because anatomy has a lot of learning portion so it will become easy for you to follow your lectures.

There are many books to choose from. There are 3 ways you can use them – 1. As your textbook – If you want to make an international author as your textbook then I would advise you to choose Snell’s Anatomy. The other two books(Gray’s and Moore) are also good but they contain a lot of information that is not required for your professional exams. 2. As a reference book – In this I would advise you to read the international edition of gray’s anatomy. As it’s an expensive book, use a soft copy. 3. As atlas – For the atlas get the netter’s atlas of human anatomy.

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  1. Honestly, this is a better choice than BD Chaurasia. It’s got much better diagrams than BDC and is easier to read because of neatly arranged and point based layout.

  2. Good book for theory.
    Point wise description and easy to draw diagrams. Best for examinations.
    Refer Gray’s / Netter’s for better visualization of diagrams.

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