Embryology Books

Embryology is asked in the theory as well as practical. The things we study here will be repeated many times in pathology and clinical subjects. So it is important to buy 1 book for embryology which is going to be the textbook.

1.Langman’s Medical Embryology –

It is the gold standard book for embryology. Internationally this is the most used book for embryology. It might seem difficult to read this book at the beginning but soon you will acclimatize to it. 

2.Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

Here is the Indian author for embryology. The book is really easy to understand. Diagrams are clear and can be used for exams. All points covered very nicely and concisely. If you face difficulty in understanding langman’s embryology then this book can save you. 

Embryology contributes to the foundation of pathology and clinical subjects. Therefore the book you choose is going to be in handy for the whole course duration. Try reading both books in your library or the soft copies. Choose the I.B Singh only in case you find it difficult to read Langman’s embryology.

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  1. It might seem difficult to read this book in the beginning (trust me that happens with all of us) but do read it nevertheless. It’ll be a great great help to you

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