Miscellaneous book for Anatomy

This is a special section for anatomy. The books mentioned in this section are very useful. They will make your 1st year very sorted and enjoyable.

1. Asterion: The Practical Handbook of Anatomy

This is the best handbook for your practical exams. This is a life savior for 1st medical students when it comes to anatomy practicals. All the important topics are mentioned and they are categorized based on the stations you will have to go to in your professional practicals

2. Self Assessment and Review of Anatomy

This is the Indian MCQ book for anatomy. Everything is given in a pointwise manner. Topicwise MCQs are there which will help you not only in PG entrance but also in remembering the material of anatomy.

3. Gray's Anatomy Review

This is Gray’s review book for Anatomy. This is mainly an MCQ book for students. Most of the MCQs are based on clinical vignettes. It is better to buy this book and solve it in 1st year only as you will get acquainted with the clinical questions and you are not going to get time to solve this book after this.

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous books in Anatomy 1st year MBBS”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with this book, in some parts it saves me literally hours of time with simple, no bs, point-based explainations and flow charts too.
    On the other hand in some parts, I feel (especially in CNS) one sentence has no connection to the next. Unnecessary point additions and lots of low yield stuff is interjected. I think if it’s best from an exam pov, if physiology exam is tough where you study. Don’t read this book before getting a good picture of the concept from lecture/ video.

  2. Just the jaundice table is the best. 😂
    Tables are somewhat good for summarizing. Theory is poor in explanation.
    Gk pal is better, more accurate and up to date.

  3. Everything is written in points form making it abgood book for reading before exams and passing them with good marks but would recommend a foreign author book along with it for conceptual understanding.

  4. This will be your saviour in college examinations – bulleted information , flow charts and easy to diagrams – everything reproducible in your theory exam.

    Try to read a more standard book otherwise for better understanding.

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