Biochemistry Books

The shortest subject in 1st year. For Biochemistry, we generally follow one international author and one Indian. For Indian author, I would advise buying the one suggested by your faculty. Here are the most-high yielding books you can buy.


1. Lippincott Illustrated Reviews : Biochemistry

This book is amazing to improve your biochemistry concepts. You can go in not knowing anything about the subject and still grasp this book. The diagrams are very easy to understand and amazingly done, and you should give this book a try no matter what your author’s preference is. Even if you choose any other author, try this one for the genetics part.

2. Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry

The concepts‚ especially bioenergetics‚ enzymology and lipid metabolism are beautifully explained with all-important clinical aspects and perfect diagrams. The language is really easy to understand. The concepts explained in this book not only help you with the Biochemistry exam in Proffs but also prepare you to understand the Biochemical basis of Health and Disease.

3. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry: International Edition

Here’s the Gold Standard for Biochemistry. This book is much deeper than what is required at the undergraduate level. It is expensive too. I would advise to only read this book if you want to clear some concepts or you want some information for research.


1. Textbook Of Biochemistry For Medical Students DM Vasudevan

This one is a very simplified Indian author book. The material given in the book is very concise and easy to understand. Almost everything is covered. Though many details of the topics are not given, it is enough to pass the professional exams.

2. Biochemistry Satyanarayana

Another simple and concise book for biochemistry. The explanations are good. The material is somewhat similar to Vasudevan. You can buy either one.

3. Textbook of Medical Biochemistry, 4th Updated Edition

Here’s another Indian Author book. DP sir’s book is amazing for professional exams as well as postgraduate entrance. The best thing about the book is that the content given is very deep so it helps in understanding the fundamentals of biochemistry.

4. Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry - Dr. Rebecca James

If you don’t want to study from those long storytelling books then there are notes for biochemistry that you can buy. The book also contains many MCQs which makes it very helpful for PG entrances. This book is a must buy in 1st year.

We generally buy 1 Indian author and 1 international author in biochemistry. This is a small subject so we don’t need big fat books on our study table for biochemistry.

There are many options to read in biochemistry. For medical, it must contain clinical connections. There are 3 commonly used international books – Harper, Lippincott, and Leninger. Leninger is a big book and it contains a lot more material than what is required. Harper is best written but you have to read it selectively for the exams. Lippincott is best among these because of the simplified diagrams but it does not contain everything in the biochemistry syllabus.

Like international books, Indian books are also in huge numbers. The above mentioned are a few of those books. The good thing about Indian books is that they cover everything relevant to the exams.

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