Biochemistry for USMLE Step 1

You will see a lot of questions from the Biochemistry section so you must spend a significant amount of time studying and practicing it. Here are the top – rated resources for Biochemistry –

1. Medical Biochemistry - An Illustrated Review - Thieme

Thieme books are gaining a lot of popularity these days because of the quality of information and its presentation. This is one of the best books for biochemistry for USMLEs. The way everything is given makes it easy in the exams to solve those clinical questions. You can buy their textbook as well as their MCQ book.

2. Lange Biochemistry and Genetics Flashhcards

Here is one of the best resources that I have ever seen for biochemistry – flashcards. The Lange flashcards are one of the best in the market to buy. They are very clinically based so they will help you a lot with the clinical vignettes. Not just a study material, they are one of the best gifts you can give to your kids when they enter medical college.

3. BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics

BRS Biochemistry is used by students now for a very long time and they are all scoring very well. BRS books are very much USMLE oriented so you will not have any burden of completing notes if time is less. The readymade notes and good quality MCQs will help a lot in preparing for the exams.

4. Rapid Review Biochemistry - Goljan

This is one of the most underrated books for biochemistry. Goljan pathology is very famous but the biochemistry book from the same author is not that famous. The best part about this book is the conceptual clarity that you can have after reading it. It’s used more as a reference book and than a soul book to prepare. I would advise you to use this book if you think you are weak in some topics.

5. Lecturio

One of the best video lectures right now for Biochemistry is by lecturio. Making notes along with the videos is so easy and the amount of information covered is updated every year. The best part about lecturio is their bookmatcher – You just tell the page no. on the particular edition of any standard book and the bookmatcher will tell you all the available videos relevant for that page. Another thing I love about it is its price. It is so affordable compared to the other video lectures I have seen.


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