Pathology resources for USMLE

Pathology is the most tested subject of USMLE step 1. To answer most of the questions you need to find the diagnosis from the given vignette. This part requires practice. So to ace pathology in step 1, you need to clear all your concepts and practice MCQs. Here are some top-rated resources for pathology –

1. Fundamentals Of Pathology Medical Course And Step 1 - Pathoma

Here’s the most famous resource used by students – Pathoma. Everything is given in the bullet points which is a huge advantage when it comes to revising for exams. Most of the disorders important for exams are covered along with high yielding histopathology images. The thing I loved about the pathoma notes is that whenever I solve some MCQs and I get confused in a question, pathoma notes always rescue me from there. One thing I like to mention is that the book does not contain any MCQs so you still need to buy other books for that.

2. Rapid Review Pathology - Goljan

Goljan pathology is one of the most detailed notes one can find for pathology in the market. The best thing about these notes is that even the complex mechanisms are explained in a very simplified manner. Everything is given in bullet points as well as tables like in pathoma but Goljan also contains MCQs. The images given in the book are also very high yield for exams.

3. Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology

It is the MCQ book for Robbins pathology. All the MCQs in the book are amazing. The MCQs cover almost all the topics of robbins and the explanations given for each MCQ adds some more high yield points to your notes. I would recommend using this review book with pathoma.

4. Crash Course Pathology

These are very concisely written notes of pathology. Everything is explained in the way it is asked in the exams. The notes are also good to revise pathology when you prepare for step 2.

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5. Lecturio

Lecturio is one of the best resources for pathology currently. There are two things about Lecturio that I love. First is the bookmatcher. Like for pathology if you are reading robbins and you find it difficult to understand a topic then you can just go to bookmatcher, select Robbins, and give the page number where you are stuck. The bookmatcher will give you the exact videos that explain the topic on that page. This tool is very helpful. The other thing I love about Lecturio is its question bank. The questions given are really challenging and prepare for not only Step 1 but step 2 also.


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