Physiology for USMLE Step 1

Physiology is the first P of the 3Ps of basic medical sciences (Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology). Before solving questions, this subject requires a deep understanding of the subject. So for that, it is important to choose the resource wisely. 

So here are some top-rated resources for Physiology.

1. BRS Physiology -

There are many books in the market for physiology but the most reputed book specifically for Physiology-USMLE preparation is still BRS Physiology. The material is so concise and easy to understand. Not just for USMLE but you can ace the college exam also by using this book.

2. Pretest Physiology - 

Pretest books contain a variety of questions related to all the subjects, for Physiology, pretest books are one of the best to practice. 

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3. Color Atlas of Physiology -

The book is quite expensive but it’s worth it. Physiology becomes crystal clear after going through this one. I would recommend this book to those who cannot afford the online review lectures. The quality of the material in this book can fill the shoes of the review courses.

Buy at Amazon - Color Atlas of Physiology

4. Lecturio

One of the best video lectures right now for Physiology is by lecturio. Making notes along with the videos is so easy and the amount of information covered is updated every year. The best part about lecturio is their bookmatcher – You just tell the page no. on the particular edition of any standard book and the bookmatcher will tell you all the available videos relevant for that page. Another thing I love about it is its price. It is so affordable compared to the other video lectures I have seen.


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