Cell Biology

Let’s start biology from the basic structural and functional unit of life. So here are topic wise free video lectures from different courses all over the world. Here I will share videos related to the structure of cell and cell membrane, cell cycle and metabolism at cellular level. Happy Studying! 

1. Cell Biology | Cell Structure & Function

Let’s start with the basic cell structure. As this is the first section, Let me share with you some memorable lectures. So I am sharing here two videos. The first one is from MIT. This one doesn’t cover a lot of material but the understanding is great. If you want to understand stuff in depth then there is a lecture from Ninja Nerd. Watch any one of the two.

Video 1 Video 2

2. Cell Membrane - Structure and Function

This is a very high yielding topic. You will see a question related to this topic in every exam that covers cell biology. As this is an important topic I am sharing two videos here. If you want just a brief video then the first video starting from 24:28. If you want in more detail then there is the second video by Dr Najeeb. The membrane transport is only introduced here. It will be covered in the next section.

Video 1 Video 2

3. Transport Across the Cell Membrane

This is a very high yielding topic. I am sharing 2 videos here. The first one is a lecture I found very useful and the next one is a short recap type video by Crash course guys.

Video 1 Video 2

4. Cell Cycle and divison

In some courses cell cycle is only introduced so If you just want to know about the phases and changes then watch only the first video.

If you want to know about the regulation of cell cycle which I should warn you that It’s a tough topic the watch the second or third video whatever style suits you.

Video 1 Video 2 (optional) Video 3 (optional)

5. Cellular respiration

This topic is required only in brief at this level. I am sharing few videos. The first one is from MIT. It covers All the fundamental concepts. The second one is a special video on ETC. I loved that lecture when I watched it so I had to share it. You will love it too I am sure. The next video is a Crash course one. Then there are few videos on specific steps of respiration.

Video 1 (MIT) Video 2 (ETC) Video 3 (Crash Course)

Step by step videos of cellular respiration

Here is a playlist from Khan Academy on cellular respiration.

6. Cell Communication and Cell Signaling (Optional)

Most courses do not cover this topic so it is optional. If your course do not cover this topic then you should skip it as it is not an easy one I should tell you in advance.

I am sharing three videos. The first two are from MIT. I would recommend them. If you want a tuition type video then watch the third one. 

Video 1 (MIT) Video 2 (MIT) Video 3

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