General Embryology

This the biggest section of Embryology. All the other sections will be very small. This topic is a head scratcher but you will come back to embryology many times when you start your clinics.

1. Gametogenesis

This topic is more elaborated in physiology but I am repeating it here. There are 2 videos in this section – one on oogenesis and the other one on spermatogenesis.

Video 1 (Oogenesis) Video 2 (Spermatogenesis)

2. Fertilization to Blastulation

I am sharing Dr Najeeb’s video on this topic. It is informative as well as enjoyable. This is probably one of the best lectures Dr Najeeb has ever uploaded.

Video 1 (fertilization) Video 2 (fertilization to blastulation)

3. Gastrulation

In this I am sharing 2 videos. The first one is by Ninja Nerd. But the topic is really mind boggling so for visualization of this topic, I am sharing another video.

Video 1 Video 2

4. The embryonic period (3rd to 8th week)

The title is a bit confusing because a lot of things are happening here will be covered in the systemic embryology. I am just sharing the most important topic related to it that directly links to general embryology.

5. Development of Body cavities

I am sharing two videos for this topic. Watch any one of them.

Video 1 Video 2

6. Development of Placenta

There are many videos on this topic but I am sharing a single video that covers everything.

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