General Physiology

This is the first section of physiology 

1. Functional Organization of the body

This is more of  a reading topic rather then watching. There is one topic which requires a bit of understanding and that is homeostasis. So here’s a video on it. There are more videos but those concepts will be covered along with the systems physiology.

2. Cell membrane

The cell membrane is one of the fundamental topics that you will take for the rest of your life so it is better that you do it right. Here is a video by Dr. Najeeb that will help you.

3. Structure and function of the cell

This topic I am sure you have studied thousands of times. So just a review video is enough for this. 

But wait, I am sharing an amazing lecture from MIT on cell biology. Do watch it.

4. Cell Membrane transport

This topic will form many concepts and apply these a lot in the future at various places. I am sharing a video by Dr. Najeeb that will make things best for you.

5. Body Fluids and compartments

This is another small topic in general physiology. I m sharing two videos. The first one is for understanding the concept. and the second one is for covering relevant material for the exams.

Video 1 Video 2

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