Hematology : Disorders of Red Blood Cells

Welcome to the Hematology section. In this chapter we study about RBC related disorders i.e. Anemias. Make sure you thoroughly understand the Hematology section in physiology. If not here is the section.

1. Anemia due to Blood loss

This is more asked in clinical subjects than in pathology. Here is a small video to explain everything needed in pathology.

2. Microcytic anemia

Microcytic anemia is said when the size of RBCs is decreased. Here are the few videos on the same.

a. Iron deficiency Anemia

This is one of the most commonly asked question because it is one of the most common disease you will see in the clinic. Before starting Iron deficiency anemia, you need to understand Iron studies. So the first two videos are on Iron studies and the third one is on anemia.

Video 1 (Iron studies : Part 1) Video 2 (Iron studies : Part 2) Video 3 (Iron deficiency anemia)

b. Anemia of chronic disease

I am sharing 2 videos for this topic. These are again from the same creator. The first one is about ACD and the second one a comparison video between Iron deficiency Anemia and ACD.

Video 1 Video 2

c. Sideroblastic Anemia

A single video on Sideroblastic anemia from the same creator is there on your plate (or screen). 

d. Thalassemia

This is important for pathology as well as when you start reading medicine. Here I am sharing 2 videos from the same creator. The first video is on alpha thalassemia and the second one on beta thalassemia.

Video 1 (Alpha Thalassemia) Video 2 (Beta Thalassemia)

2. Macrocytic Anemia

Macrocytic anemia does not include many anemia. There are few videos on it.

The first one is for B12 deficiency.

The second one is for Folate deficiency.

The third one is comparison video and the last is an optional video on schilling test.

Video 1 (B12 deficiency Anemia) Video 2 (Folate deficiency Anemia) Video 3 (Comparision video) video 4 (Schilling test)

3. Normocytic Anemia

This topic covers many anemia. Most of them are hemolytic ones. So lets study each one. Before that let’s first see a video on comparison between Intravascular and Extravascular.

a. Hereditary Spherocytosis

b. Sickle cell Anemia

This is a big topic so I am sharing 4 videos from the same creator.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 (Optional)

c. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hematuria

d. G6PD Deficiency

e. Immune Hemolytic Anemia

Video 1 Video 2 (Warm Antibodies) Video 3 (Cold Antibodies) Video 4 (Drug Induced)

4. Aplastic Anemia

I know you must be tired if you have watched all the videos above. Only few things left. I am sharing a single video for Aplastic Anemia.

5. Polycythemia

Let’s change the creator now. So I am sharing this one from Ninja nerd. You will see this word Polycythemia in WBC disorders too.

Peripheral smear

This is part of your practical section but for the sake of completion I am sharing one here.

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