Hematology: WBC Disorders

This is considered to be one of the toughest sections of pathology as there is a lot of new things that have to be understood. But don’t worry, go slow with this unit and get everything clear.

1.Leukocytosis & Leukopenia

Let’s start the unit from the basics. The first video is about the basic nonneoplastic pathology that you should know about WBCs. Here is a video from Lecturio that you might find interesting.

2. Lymphoid Neoplasms

This is a very big topic and there are many subtopics in this section. Be very careful while you read this topic as most of the stuff overlaps and classification is different in different books. So use the videos with open ears and mind. Most of the videos below are from Medicos Perfectionalis and Armando Hasudungan.

a. Acute lymphocytic/blastic leukemias

b. Chronic lymphocytic/blastic leukemias

c. Non-Hodgkin lymphomas

d. Hodgkin lymphomas

e. Plasma cell neoplasms

For this topic, I am sharing 2 videos from Medicos perfectionalis.

3. Myeloid neoplasms

This also has 3 sub-topic and I have shared videos from each of the sub-topics. Videos are shared from the channel – Medicosis perfectionalis.

a. Acute Myeloid leukemias

b. Myeloproliferative disorders

c. Myelodysplastic syndromes

4. Histiocytic neoplasms

This is the last topic of this unit and it is as important as the topic mentioned above. In many books, it is covered in the respiratory system but we are following Robbin’s Pathology so we will cover this section here.


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