Inflammation and Tissue Repair

The most basic chapter in pathology. You will be revising the concepts in every chapter of pathology as well as in clinical subjects.

1. Acute Inflammation

This is a huge topic so I am embedding a set of 4 videos by ninja nerd science. After it there is a short review video. I would advice you to watch all the videos and make notes.

Part 1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Here is the short review video I was telling.

2. Chronic Inflammation

This is comparatively a small topic. This video I found is very helpful in covering the relevant information on Chronic inflammation.

3. Granuloma

Granuloma is another very important basic concept I would recommend to watch all the 3 videos given bellow.

Here’s the third video. It is an amazing tutorial type video on granuloma.

4. Wound Healing

Wound healing is a big topic, in fact, it can be called as a separate chapter. Here I m giving you 3 sets of videos, follow 1 of them.

The 1st one is for students who just want to understand briefly.

The 2nd set(video 2 and 3) is for deeper understanding as the wound healing part is quiet tricky to understand.

The 3rd video is actually from a surgical lecture. Even I learned this topic clearly in surgery rather than pathology or physiology.

Video 1 Video 2 (part1) Video 2(part2) Video 3

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