How to edit videos : A beginner's Guide

Editing videos look complicated from the outside but in reality, it is one of the easiest things to do in the digital world. The world is shifting to the web so things like video editing and programming have become important skills like paint and Powerpoint presentations which we used to do in our school life.

Before talking about how to edit videos – Here is a video on how to shoot videos using your mobile phone.

Here we are talking about simple videos that everyone should know. For this, the software I recommend is Wondershare Filmora. I found this to be the easiest software for editing and making videos.

So, rather than explaining. I will share few tutorial videos here that you can watch and learn how to use Filmora.

Video 1

This is the first video that will introduce the software and some basic editing. 

Video 2

This 2nd vide0 when you watch after the 1st will make basic video editing complete for you. After this step, all the other things are just add on things that you can either do yourself or pay someone on places like fiverr to do it. 

Video 3

Filmora also offers animation tools to its users. This is basic Animation 101. 201 and 301 will be covered later.

Video 4

Audio editing is also a basic skill that will make your videos one step ahead of awesome. You can make no camera videos i.e. you only record your voice and run ppt or screen recording over it.

Video 5

Here things will get complicated. If you have some back knowledge or experience then do this otherwise get help.

Video 6

This one should be a bonus video for you guys. Not just music but you can be a lot more creative and do amazing things after you understand the process mentioned in this video.

Video 7

This one will give you an extra edge in the race of video making especially on youtube. You can outsource this also if you wanna save time. You can also just use this and make money out of this.

Video 8

Here you will learn some supernatural powers that everyone dreams to have in real life. We can only do it in the reel world. But this will make your videos look much more professional.

Video 9

This is the green screen world. You need to have a green screen and some camera skills to do composting. Here we have 2 videos that will cover everything you need to know before using this tech.

Video 10

This will give you some connection to the graphic world and you can introduce these things in your videos. It will be very helpful while making educational videos.

Video 11

These I have put in last. These are the other two videos of animation. I would recommend outsourcing this unless it is your prime goal to make animated videos.

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