Lower Limb Anatomy

1. Osteology of lower limb

We start anatomy by first looking at the bones. So here are all the relevant videos categorized by bones. It’s important that you know how to describe all the bones when asked in the viva exam.

1. (a) Pelvis (Hip Bone)

Video 1 Video 2

1. (b) Femur

Video 1

1. (c) Patella

Video 1 Video 2

1. (d) Tibia and Fibula

Video 1 Video 2

1. (e) Articulated foot

Video 1 Video 2

2. Thigh and gluteal region

For this section, I am sharing multiple videos. This is a big region so everything is explained compartment-wise.

Video 1 (Anterior compartment) Video 2 (Medial compartment) Video 3 (Posterior compartment) Video 4 (Gluteal region)

3. Popliteal fossa

This is a small topic so a very small single video is enough to cover this short but very important topic.

4. Leg

It’s a very important and clinically scene region of the lower limb. Here are the videos that you can watch to understand the concepts more clearly.

Video 1 (Posterior Compartment) Video 2 (Anterior and lateral compartment)

5. Foot

This looks like a small topic but in reality it is much more complex than any other region of the lower limb. The topic is not much asked due to it's complexity. Here is one video that can help you understand the relevant stuff.

6. Joints of foot

There are 3 joints in the lower limb. Let’s look at each of them from the most proximal to the most distal.

Video 1 (Hip joint) Video 2 (Knee joint) Video 3 (Ankle joint)

7. Blood and Nerve supply of lower Limb

This is a very important topic especially when you will see the orthopedic section as well as in general surgery. That is why it is important to understand the topic in detail. Here is one playlist on blood vessels that you should see. Nerve supply and a short cut of Blood supply is covered in the following videos.

Video 1 (Blood supply playlist) Video 2 (Blood supply short) Video 3 (Nerve supply)

8. Dissection

Anatomy is incomplete wihout dissection video. So here is a playlist for it.

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