1. Gross Anatomy of the Brain

Here is a video from Ninja Nerd on the Gross anatomy of the brain. It is a model-based video so it will help you remember the basics. All the topics following this demand that this topic is at your fingertips.

2. Meninges and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Here I am sharing 2 videos – 1st one is for Meninges by Anatomyzone and the second one is on CSF.

3. Blood Supply of the Central Nervous System

Blood supply is one of the most important topics of Neuroanatomy. You will see its application in clinics very often. The most important topic in this is the circle of Willis. I have shared 2 videos. If you want a brief explanation then watch the first one by The Noted Anatomist. If you want an in-depth explanation then you can watch the second video by Dr. Najeeb.

4. Development of the Nervous System

The development of the Nervous system is very important. You will see many conditions especially in the pediatrics department related to defects in neurological development. Here is a video from Ninja Nerd will cover all the relevant topics.

5. Neurohistology

In this section, we will also cover a lot of neurophysiology. You have studied everything in the section on Nerve and muscle physiology. Here is a revision video.

6. Spinal Cord

Here is a video explaining everything about the spinal cord that you should know as a medical graduate.

7. Tracts of the Spinal Cord

This is the most important topic of Neurology at your level. Tracts are ascending and descending types. I have shared a playlist that will cover everything.

8. Brainstem

The brain stem is vital for life as well as for exams. Of all the transverse sections of all the levels are important. Here is video by The Noted Anatomist that you can refer.

9. Cranial Nerves

This is a huge topic. I have shared a Playlist from Ninja Nerd Science that will help you understand Cranial Nerves. You will refer to this section a lot when you will start Neurology in medicine.

10. Diencephalon: Thalamus and Hypothalamus

This topic is also crucial for medicine. Both these regions – Thalamus and Hypothalamus have some clinical importance. Individual videos for both topics are shared below from Ninja Nerd.

11.  Basal Nuclei and the Extrapyramidal Motor System

For basal Nuclei, One video is shared from Ninja Nerd.

12. Cerebellum

The cerebellum is not asked a lot but if you are really interested then you can watch one of these videos. The first one is from Ninja Nerd and the other one is from Dr. Najeeb.

13. Autonomic Nervous System

This is a big topic. You will have to come back here again and again while doing other systems. Here is a playlist that you can watch.

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