Structure and Function of Proteins and Enzymes

1. Amino acids and protein structure

There are many videos for this topic. Let’s start with a lecture from MIT so that you get some interest in the topic.

The above lecture is amazing but still if you want more information on the topic then I am sharing few more videos on the topic. 

Video 1 (Amino Acids) Video 2 (Protein structure 1) Video 3(Protein structure 2)

2. Hemoglobin (globular protein)

It is important for the exams as well as it is important for clinical and paraclinical subjects so I would advise you to watch a complete lecture on it. 

3. Fibrous proteins

Fibrous proteins include collagen and elastin. Here is one lecture for the same.

4. Enzymes

This is a very important topic. I am sharing two lectures. One is from MIT and the other one is from lecturio. Watch either of them.

Video 1 (MIT) Video 2(Lecturio)

If you want more lecturio videos then click the banner below.


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