General Mental Ability

We have seen that more importance is being given to this topic now because this type of question can be asked to a lot of students probably to all the fields in the world. Here I have shared topicwise videos to help students understand how to answer these questions.


This topic is only for Indian students- So I am sharing the videos in Hindi/English mixed.

Also after every topic, there are some free practice questions

  • Analogy

Practice Analogy Questions

  • Classification

Practice Classification Questions

  • Series

Number Series practice questions 

Letter Series practice questions

  • Coding-Decoding

Coding-Decoding Practice questions

  • Blood Relations

Blood Relations practice questions

  • Direction Sense Test

direction sense test practice questions

  • Logical Venn Diagrams

Logical Venn Diagrams practice questions

  • Alphabet Test

alphabet test practice questions

  • Seating Arrangements

seating arrangement practice questions

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

Arithmetic Reasoning practice questions

  • Inserting the Missing Character

Inserting the Missing Character practice questions

  • Number, Ranking, and Time Sequence Test

  • Eligibility Test

Eligibility Test practice questions

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