Upper Limb Anatomy

1. Osteology of upper limb

We start the anatomy by first looking at the bones. So here are the videos on it. You have to watch all the videos. For every bone I am sharing two videos. Watch any one of them according to your comfort.

1. (a) Scapula

Video 1 Video 2

1. (b) Clavicle

Video 1 Video 2

1. (c) Humerus

Video 1 Video 2

1. (d) Radius

Video 1 Video 2

1. (e) Ulna

Video 1 Video 2

1. (f) Hand

Video 1 Video 2

2. Pectoral Region and Axilla

I am sharing 2 videos from stanford. There resolution is not up to the mark but the quality of education is one of the best on internet.

The first one is age restricted so I will just share with you the link.

After them there are 2 more videos on the same topic if you did not understand from here.

Here ‘s the video 1 – https://youtu.be/iJwP9WhRoGA

Video 2 Video 3 (Breast Anatomy) Video 4 Dissection

Brachial plexus

3. Back Muscles

1st video is for understanding and the second one is a dissection video.

Video 1 Video 2 (Dissection)

4. Shoulder joint

I have shared a single video on this topic. It’s a very helpful video.

5. Superficial Structures & Cutaneous Innervations

I am sharing just a single video on this topic. If you like this one then click on the banner below to watch more Lecturio Videos.


6. Muscles of Arm

7. Elbow Joint

8. Forearm Musces

Anterior compartment Posterior compartment

9. Hand Anatomy

Video 1 The second video I wanted to share is an age restricted one so I m just giving you the Youtube link - https://youtu.be/9V1ZzAiB1rY

10. Blood supply and nerves of upper limb

Blood supply Nerve supply


I have covered few dissections above. Here is a video that covers what is left.

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