Abdomen Anatomy

Abdomen Anatomy is the really interesting two major surgical branches – Uro-surgery and Gastrointestinal surgery deal with this. You will also learn the anatomy of various organs here which more interesting than the stuff you have seen till now. 

Osteology of the Abdomen(Lumbar vertebrae)

As this is a very soft region so there is not much to be studied in Osteology. The lumbar vertebrae are the only bones present.

Anterior Abdominal Wall

The anterior abdominal wall is something that you will encounter for the rest of your life till you are in any field related to medicine. Even for bodybuilders, it is a region that needs a lot of attention. In the clinics, you will see many patients with inguinal hernias and that is the most clinically relevant point in this topic. I have shared the video from Lecturio if you want more lectures from Lecturio then you can subscribe to it.

Inguinal Region/Groin

This is the second topic related to the end of the Anterior Abdominal wall i.e. the inguinal region. I have shared the video from Lecturio if you want more lectures from Lecturio then you can subscribe to it.

Male External Genital Organs

This organ is mostly asked in viva to identify the structures so videos are from Ninja Nerd Science I cannot share other videos as this is an age-restricted topic. Feels like life is Harry potter.

Abdominal Cavity and Peritoneum

This is the most complex topic of the whole Abdomen unit. So the video I shared from The Noted Anatomist is a must watch. Be very thorough with the concepts. You will be asked about this in surgery again.

Abdominal Part of Esophagus

This is an easy topic but with a lot of clinical importance so I am sharing videos for both. The first video is from Armando Hasudungan and the second video is from Institute of Human Anatomy.


This is one of the most important topics for anatomy. It is asked a lot in exams, vivas in path classes, medicine classes, etc. I am sharing a single video from Sam Webster which will cover everything that is required.


This is a short topic but very clinically relevant. You will see this a lot in clinics. Splenomegaly is not an uncommon presentation. So here is one video from Sam Webster.

Liver and Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus

This is a big topic so it is divided into two. The first one is liver which is quite simple so I have shared one video from Angelica Issac but the second topic i.e. Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus is really important and you will be asked about this a lot in the future. Many named surgical procedures will also cover this so it is important that your concepts are crystal clear.


This is the most important part of the intestine clinically and you will be asked a lot about this. I have shared a single video from Sam webster.


This is a simple topic so just a viva voice will do enough of what is required. Just remember the relations of the Head of the pancreas.

Portal Vein

This is a good topic and I am sharing the video from an Indian channel – which was made for engineering students but it is relevant for medical students too.

Small and Large Intestines

These are viva topics so I will just share practical demonstration videos.

Kidneys, Ureters, and Suprarenal Glands

This is the bread and butter for Uro surgeons. Theory, viva, practical everything will be asked thoroughly from this topic. And I got this in my exams.

Posterior Abdominal Wall 

It is much simpler than the Anterior Abdominal wall. A single video about the muscles by AnatomyZone is enough.

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