How to use Lecturio efficiently


Almost every medical student searching for educational resources online must have come across a lecturio ad at least once.

If you don’t know what it is, Lecturio is a platform that offers, well, you guessed it- Lecture Videos for MBBS, Nursing, and other courses, including USMLE Prep. They have videos covering all major topics for all subjects from 1st to 4th year.

The video library for each subject contains numerous lectures arranged in an orderly manner. The unique thing with their videos is the video length- Most videos are under 10 minutes. this is quite different from the usual video lectures we find online that are typically 30mins – 1 hr long.

Instead of following that route, lecturio has put multiple smaller videos, which can be very useful for revision purposes and easy learning as well.

Lectures are full of high-yield content – but not enough to get a complete grip on the topic or to write an answer in an exam. They are meant more for quick understanding or broad review.

At the end of the lecture, it presents a few questions on the material taught to get a review of the lecture.

These questions are added to your ‘ Spaced Repetition Overview’ – which is a deck that is managed by the system. It gives you due questions daily, mostly the questions that have been difficult to solve for you in the past.


Additional Features:
* Bookmatcher: Scan / Enter any page of a standard textbook and get a video lecture based on the topic
* Question of the Day: A different clinical case every day to solve (may or may not be solvable based on your academic year) and a detailed explanation of the options and the correct answer.


– Short lectures useful for a quick understanding of a topic
– High Yield Information in lectures, in an easy to understand the way
– Based on Standard Textbooks
– Well Illustrated & well made downloadable Slides
– Good as a lecture supplement, best to see before college lecture



– Not suited for Indian University Exam patterns, since they follow Standard textbooks, which are not enough.
– Note making is not so useful, as it doesn’t provide enough in-depth information to write an answer or review later.
– Spaced Repetition Questions get accumulated after a point- becomes difficult to solve at a time.


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