Gastrointestinal (GI) Infections

In this section, I have shared all the videos relevant to the new pattern. After each topic, there is a PPT from Dr. Apurba Sastry sir.



This is one of the most important topics in the whole medical world. Diarrhea is the most common presentation of GI infection or in any other GI-related problem. Your concepts of diarrhea should be crystal clear or you will regret it every time you enter the clinic as a student.

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You can find the whole section on infectious diseases at lecturio.

2. Food Poisoning

This is the second most common thing you will see in GI patients. Etiology for food poisoning is very limited so you should be able to diagnose the case of food poisoning by the end of this section.

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Food poisoning is basically of two major types I have shared videos for both types –



3. Gastrointestinal Infections due to Enterobacteriaceae

In my days we used to have a separate chapter on Enterobacteriaceae.  Now we will cover this in different sections.

Here we will talk about – Diarrheogenic E. coli, Shigellosis,
Nontyphoidal Salmonellosis, Yersiniosis

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Diarrheagenic E. coli


Nontyphoidal Salmonellosis


4. Cholera

Covid is not the only thing that can cause a pandemic. Cholera is also notorious enough to cause one too. 

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5. Miscellaneous Bacterial Infections of Gastrointestinal System

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT – All the pathogens you will see in this section are very important. You will encounter them in your exams as well as in the clinic.

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6.Viral Gastroenteritis

In this section, we will cover a very famous pediatric infection – rotavirus.

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7. Intestinal Protozoan Infections

In this section, we will discuss famous protozoans like E. histolytica and Giardia.

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8. Intestinal Helminthic Infections

You will see these infections in every kind of exam as well as in the clinic.

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There are many subtopics but I am sharing a single lecture video that you will enjoy. For details of infections – refer to the PPT.



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