Pelvis Anatomy

Pelvis Anatomy is a small section of anatomy. It is just a topic of a week. Best of luck.

Pelvis (The hip bone)

This bone is asked a lot in viva exams. You will be asked about this in your forensic classes too. Here are 3 videos from Dr. Mitesh Dave on pelvis –


Pelvic Walls and Associated Soft Tissue Structures

This topic is relevant for anatomy as well as in obgyn. I have shared 2 videos – 1st one is from Lecturio. 2nd one is from Sam webster.


This topic is one of the toughest in the whole anatomy. Here is a video by Dr. Ashwini Kumar which will help you out.

Urinary Bladder and Urethra

This topic is more relevant for viva exams. I am sharing two videos – one from Lecturio and the other from Dr. Mitesh Dave.

Rectum and Anal Canal

This one I am sharing from the University of Michigan. I would advise you to wear your headphones as the volume is a little slow.

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