Renal Pathology

Before studying this make sure you are clear with the renal physiology.

In this unit, we are going to cover various pathologies related to kidneys. Let’s start with the most basic Nephrotic and Nephritic syndrome. Below are 2 videos – 1st one is from Dr. Najeeb and the second one is a comparison video from Dirty medicine. Both are long videos but it is alright because the topic is very important.

2. Diseases Affecting Tubules and Interstitium 

In this topic, there are two sub-topics and we have to cover both of them. The first one is interstitial nephritis and I am sharing a medicine video for this topic.

The second part of this topic is Acute tubular Injury. For this. I am sharing a video from Armando Hasudungan which I am sure will be really helpful.

3. Diseases Involving Blood Vessels

This topic is just here for completion. Actually, this topic is covered in vascular pathology. These are just renal manifestations of vascular pathologies. This topic is just an applied topic so there is no single video that can cover the topic completely. So I am sharing a video of Renovascular HTN that will give you an insight into the concept.

4. Chronic Kidney Disease

This problem is commonly seen in the clinic and after 10 years the cases will be much more than what they are today. Here is a video by Armando Hasudungan that you can use to understand it.

5. Cystic Diseases of the Kidney

This topic is also important for exams. The clinical vignettes are more common than the actual cases for this pathology. Here is an amazing video that will help you solve all the clinical questions that can come in your exams.

6. Urinary Outflow Obstruction/Kidney Stones

This topic is important for surgery. And this is one of the most common clinical problems you will see in practice. So here I am sharing a simple video that will help you understand it.

7. Kidney Tumors

So here we are basically talking about Renal cell Carcinoma. Here is a video that will cover all the necessary information required to pass your pathology exam.

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